28 October 2010 – looking like the Singing Detective

I did look like him on a bad day

I did look like him on a bad day

It is the last working day of the week for me and I’m still coughing and feeling horrible. To cap it all the bugs have got my eczema going and my face is a nice itchy mess. Yet again I phoned in sick. At least the locals will not have to put up with looking at me. I look a little like the singing detective, all scaly and scabby.

Strangely, I’m really missing my exercise. This is something new for me. Back in my school days I used to be the one hiding in the showers to avoid PE and now I’m missing exercise. Who’d have thought it? The one good thing is I haven’t really been eating much because I’m slightly feverish and everything tastes horrid.

Today the fever seems to have broken and, for the first time this week I felt hungry. Everything was still tasteless but I had a day of comfort eating any old rubbish I could find. I even had a bag of crisps which is the first I’ve eaten since joining the BL site. By the time it came to dinner tonight I was already over calories.

Last week I hardly lost any weight and I didn’t want the next weigh in to be more of the same so, despite still feeling bad, I got out my weighted waistcoat and did forty five minutes of step while I was watching Biggest Loser. This earned me just enough calories to have some left over beef stew for dinner and a mig of cocoa before bed.

It wasn’t one of my better days but at least I am not over calories any longer. Tomorrow I’m giving the Riverside walk a miss because I don’t think I’m up to it yet so I have to keep the comfort eating under control if I want to lose anything on Monday’s weigh in. Wish me luck

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