29 October 2010 – almost defeated by the Big Hill

The Big Hill nearly killed me off

The Big Hill nearly killed me off

This morning I had a proper breakfast for the first time all week and a walk up the Big Hill with my rucksack to do some food shopping. It was hard getting up the hill which is not normal for me and shows that I would have been stupid to attempt a long walk. The shopping took an hour and I came home as worn out as if I’d walked ten miles. My fever has gone and, although I don’t feel better, I feel like I may be getting there. Sadly my face is still a mess. The main task for the day was to stay off the comfort food.

For the first Friday in ages I didn’t do the Riverside Walk. The way I felt after the Big Hill showed me there was no way I could do it. The funny thing is I really missed it. I keep thinking about the cygnets and wondering if they would have been back today or if they are gone forever?

This evening after Commando went to work I put on Biggest Loser and did some step with my weighted waistcoat again. So I am getting back to it but think I need to take it slowly. 

Hopefully next week I will be back on the Riverside Walk again and do the 10 miles I should have done this week.

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