6 November 2010 – half time snacks


After an early morning dash up the Big Hill for football supplies and a morning of cooking for the week we set off for the stadium with high hopes. The mid week match ended 4-0 so we were hoping for s few goals to give us an excuse to jump up and down and keep warm.

As it turned out it was a bit of a boring match with the exception of the three minutes injury time when we scored two goals to win the game. The most interesting thing of the main part of the match was my half time fibre bar. Once upon a time I’d have had a big fat chocolate bar but a fibre bar is just as nice. Today we went to the pub to meet some friends after the match and I did celebrate with a rum and diet coke. We then walked home in the rain. Still it’s all Marrakech miles.

Dinner was the lovely low fat chicken tikka I made in the morning. I even treated myself to a mini naan breaking my no starchy carbs in the evening rule. When I trotted it all up in the diary with the walking to and from the match and my shopping this morning, I still had over six hundred calories left for a nice little supper. Result!

After dinner we had some fireworks in the garden to round off the day. I think I might even have a little bowl of low fat chocolate ice cream to end a good day

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