11 November 2010 – why doesn’t it come off where you want it?

Pretty sure I won't look that good

Pretty sure I won’t look that good

It was back to wet and windy again this morning. Luckily Rae offered me another lift to work so it was just the fifteen minute walk from the parking spot to Mad House to worry about. Still it’s the last day of the week at work for me and I’m hoping the rain will hold off tomorrow morning for my Moonwalk training walk. With two lifts to work I need to get those Marrakech miles in, I’m fed up with being in the middle of the channel and want to get back to dry land again.

The second Monsoon dress has still not arrived and I’m worried it won’t get here in time for next Thursday. It’s a size 12 and I’m worried it will fit just like the first one, that is perfectly except for round my chest. I need to get rid of about a centimetre of boobage for it to do up and I know that’s unlikely to happen in a week. I’m probably going to have to think again and find another dress but, to rub salt into my wounds, I put on a pair of size 12 jeans yesterday and they are now too big round my bum!

 They were the very same ones I couldn’t quite get on a little while ago. They are skinny Jasper Conran ones and now they look like the loose boyfriend type in the bum area!

Why oh why does it have to come off the bit you don’t want it to and stay on the bits you do? How can I be less than a size 12 on the bottom and more than a size 12 on the top when I’ve always been the same all the way up before? More importNtly, how can I get rid of that centimetre in a week and fit into a boned bustier style dress. Bras that minimise are no good because the dress is designed to be worn without one so a bra of any kind will just make matters worse. Grrrrr!

When I mentioned my dilemma at work Panda told me about a Gok Wan bodyshaper thing. Apparently it can take inches off. I’m going to go to Debenhams at the weekend and take the dress with me so, if it doesn’t work, I won’t have to waste any money. Apparently these little miracle workers are also available for bottoms, which may help a few people with the opposite problem to me. Watch this space, I will report back.

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