13 November 2010 – a dress success!


My second Monsoon dress was in the parcel I picked up after my walk yesterday. As it’s the same size and a similar style to the first, I didn’t think it would fit either. When I put it on though it zipped up easily. It isn’t quite as nice as the first one but it will certainly do. At least that solves the dress problem. 

 Hopefully the other one will fit by Christmas. Then I can make Commando take me somewhere nice. 

How weird though. Two dresses, both from Monsoon, both similar styles with boned strapless bodeces. Both the same size. One fits the other doesn’t! Why can’t shops get it right?

Mini Commando went off to work again which was something I sometimes thought would never happen. After a bit of tidying up I went into town myself to get some tights and a few bits for Thursday night. When I worked at Dream Factory these kinds of events were ten a penny but I’m getting a tiny bit excited about this one for some reason. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a posh event and the fact that my team might win an award is great!

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