14 November 2010 – compliments at World’s End


Yet another wet and miserable day. Last night we went to a 21st birthday party. It was one of the girls from Commando’s marshal arts class and it was in the middle of nowhere in a pub at a place, quite aptly called, World’s End. It was nice to catch up with a few people I haven’t seen for ages and to get lots of compliments about lost weight.

Somehow I resisted the nibbles but I did have one rum and diet coke. Commando ate loads. The funny thing was, apart from the Doritos and dips nothing really appealed anyway. I just didn’t want to eat sausage rolls or cheese on sticks or any of that stuff. Even the cake wasn’t hard to resist. Perhaps if it had been chocolate I’d have had a fight on my hands. 

We didn’t stay too late because we were giving Edward a lift home. He’s the seventy something year old ex Royal Marine Commando who trains Commando and he doesn’t like being in bed too late. It was a lovely evening despite not eating. Funny how you realise you don’t really need to eat that to have fun.

This evening I found out that Mini Commando took himself off to the churchyard on Thursday morning so he could stand and spend the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month beside my grandad’s grave in silence. 

It bought a tear to my eye. My grandad, Pappy to all of us, died in 1972, when I was twelve. He lived with us from before I was born and was a wonderful cantankerous old man. He was born in 1887 and fought in the trenches in France and Belgium during World War 1. He was shot, lost a lung and had to be operated on in a field hospital in France with no anaesthetic. It was amazing he survived and his hair went White during that time, although he was still a young man.

He died in the house we live in now in the room that used to be Mini Commando’s room when he was a baby. 

I have always told my boys about him because I want them to know their heritage and I want him to be remembered. He is the person I think of when I buy my poppy and when I stop for the silence each year. 

I’m so proud that Mini Commando did this. It goes to show that even someone of his tender years can really understand why we do this and appreciate the sacrifice these men made, and continue to make for our freedom.

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