15 November 2010 – a great big thank you


After my Wii fit jogging, to earn some Marrakech miles, I weighed in. Unbelievably I’ve lost 2.4 pounds. For me that is a huge loss and I wonder how much of it is down to the motivation of those Marrakech miles? There’s just under a pound to shed now for my next target of being in the 9’s. I can hardly believe it’s possible, it’s so much more than I ever dared to hope back in January 2009.

The walk to work was rather reluctant, more so than usual, because a price hike had been announced on the morning news so I knew we were all going to be in for a rough day. It was exactly as bad as expected. Enough said.

This evening I was looking at my stats, spurred on by getting so close to my final target. It was quite a surprise to find that my 2.4 pound loss this week means I’ve lost 15% of my body weight since I joined the BL site on 4 July this year. Back at the very beginning I started off at just one pound under fourteen stone and a size 18/20. In the preceding years I’d lost a bit, gained a bit and my weight had spiralled out of control. It was not a good place to be.

At the beginning of 2010 I was a size sixteen and had got down to twelve stone eleven pounds. It was the lightest I’d been for years but I’d got a bit stuck and the weight wasn’t coming off. Part of me thought this was as far as I could go. Then I got the Wii Fit for Christmas and the weight started to move again, just a pound or less a week but always a loss. Between January and June I lost 1 stone. Then I hit another plateau.

The plateau was what led me to the Biggest Loser site and eventually Weight Loss Resources. In my heart I didn’t think I could lose any more and that I would always be a size 14/16. To me the weight loss site was a last chance. If it didn’t work I’d give up trying and accept my fate. In just over five months I have lost another one stone eleven pounds! Amazing!

All the wonderful people on the BL and the WLR forums have made this possible. All the advice they gave me me, the encouragement and support even though they were all fighting their own demons was what kept me going. Without them and BL and WLR I would still be struggling and still size 14/16 and eleven stone eleven, instead of ten stone and point two of a pound. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate somehow. They made me believe I could do it, showing by their wonderful examples, a few well aimed kicks up the bum when they were needed and some healthy competition that got me pushing that bit harder. 

If I have inspired anyone else then I’m just passing on the favour.

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