18 November 2010 – Excited about going out


It was freezing this morning but a bit of Wii Fit soon warmed me up. For once I’m almost looking forward to work. Almost. We have a short day, finishing at four instead of eight and most of that will be taken up by our team talk so there won’t be much time on the phones. If every day was like that I’d wouldn’t mind the Mad House at all.

This evening we have the awards dinner. I’m not sure about the three courses but I’m looking forward to putting on all my finery and having fun. I’m getting really excited about the awards. It’s been such a ling time since I went to an awards event and maybe, if we’re really lucky, my team might win something.

Everything is ready so just have to get through the day until four then rush home and get changed into my finery. 

It’s funny because when I went to these things all the time when working for Dream Factory I didn’t get excited at all, just a bit nervous in case we won and had to go up on the stage. Win or lose tonight my team are going to have a great time.

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