19 November 2010 – The winning team


Last night was a late one because of the awards. What a night! I have been to so many awards events over the years but this was the first time I got dressed up to go out and actually felt good. For once I didn’t feel like a heffalump in a fancy dress. Commando took some photos before I went out, he said he was so proud of me.

We spent the evening at the Grand DeVere Hotel on the waterfront. We were greeted with a glass of champagne on the red carpet. Well more like half a glass actually Mad House events are not as lavish as Travel events, sadly, and it was the only champagne on offer all night.

Still, I had some lovely complements on my dress and how slim I looked. My boss, Kim, just pointed and shouted Carrie Bradshaw! Don’t think I have the hair for it though. 

Dinner was a little disappointing but all to the good when it came to totting up the calories this morning. We started with soup of undecided origin, dishwater with pepper was bandied about quite a bit. Needless to say one spoonful was all I ate, although Masher on my team had about five bowls. I don’t think he has any taste buds. The main course was steak, which was nice but over done for a girl who loves to eat in France. The carrots were decidedly under done and the leeks were lovely but, sadly, in short supply. There were roast potatoes too but I didn’t bother with them as I was warned they were rather bullet like. I did have half a glass of some very nice Rose though.

After the main we had the awards. My team were up for the team of the year award. We got the biggest cheer when they were announcing the nominations. We broke the all time record this year for the best performing team eleven weeks in a row. And the winner was…The Hub!!! This is the team that doesn’t answer the phones, they just sit on the top floor managing call flows and booking process time, otherwise known as time off the phones to do other things. For the rest of the evening we all had people coming up to us telling us we were robbed and we were the best team. Very gratifying. We know who the best team are so we don’t need an award to tell us, but the bottle of champagne prize would have been nice.

Finally we had desert. LOVELY! A small chocolate soufflé thing, a small crème brulee and a little ball of some kind of fruit sorbet/ice cream in a brandy snap basket, lucky the rest of the meal wasn’t that good really. Needless to say there were no second helpings for Masher. He looked heart broken. 

After a coffee and some tiny chocolates, which I took home for Mini Commando, we hit the dance floor.

We were the one team who danced the night away together. It was such fun. We all took turns to dance in the middle in a kind of dance off to outdo each other. I did make one request to the DJ, for Hips Don’t Lie, but it was too late in the evening for him to fit it in. He told me he couldn’t move any of the other requests because they were all from the oldies in their 50’s and 60’s and us 30 something’s had had enough young music played. I walked away with a smile! 30 something!!!!!!

In the small hours I walked through the front door tired but happy. I was sad that the evening had to come to an end and very sad to take off my lovely dress and hang it back in the wardrobe.

There was 

no Riverside walk for me today because by the time I got up (9:30), showered and dressed the sunshine had gone and it was pouring with rain. I did go up The Big Hill to get some shopping but I’m spending the rest of the day relaxing. It’s been a long time since I had a lazy day but I feel I deserve it.

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