20 November 2010 – football fever


Today It was off to football so there wasn’t much chance for exercise apart for the walk there and back and any incidental jumping up and down for goals. As it happened there was a fair bit of that, it was a brilliant match. Being a Saints supporter is a hard and thankless task in the main but this afternoon, despite the bitter cold, I watced one of the best matches I’ve seen in ages!

Peterborough are above us in the league, are usually prolific goal scorers, if a little leaky in defence and worthy opponents. I didn’t hope for much! 

It was an exciting match ending with us winning 4 – 1!!! Not often that happens. We could have had at least another two goals as well. 

Because of the cold and the number of goals and almost goals I spent the whole afternoon jumping up and down, shouting and clapping madly! I also walked almost three and a half miles there and back. Why is there nothing in the exercise diary for jumping up and down at football? Seriously, I must have burned about five hundred calories just doing that. Perhaps I should ask the help team to add something. 

What a fab afternoon.

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