21 November 2010 – rewards


This morning I had a mad clean up and worked my way through a pile of paperwork that was driving Commando mad. Then there was the cooking for the week. What a come down after the awards event and the excitement of the football.

For a while now I’ve been thinking about a reward for when I reach my final goal. This is unlikely to be until the new year but what I’d like more than anything is a nice photo of me. I always hate myself in photos. Somehow I manage to be pulling a stupid face or look like I have six chins. It would be really nice to have a good photo of me. 

On my kitchen pin board 

I have had a photo for a long time now. It was my inspiration photo. It is of Marylin Monroe. Quite an iconic photo that most people would probably recognise. She is sitting in a big tutu like skirt fluffed up around her and bare shoulders. I think I’d like one of me like that. Seems like it might be fitting after looking at it for such a long time.

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