25 November 2010 – New trainers


We didn’t have any snow, but we rarely do this far south. There was a thick frost though and it was very very cold last night. Despite the risk of slipping up, I went for another walk this morning. Just a short Riverside walk today about five miles to the White Swan and back.

My good old Nike trainers are slowly disintegrating and when I got home Commando told me I needed to get some new ones urgently. He said he was ashamed to be seen with me wearing them because they were actually falling apart at the backs. 

We went into town to start getting stuff for Commando Junior’s and Commando Senior’s birthdays which are both coming up.

While Commando looked at things for his Dad I went to the sports shop to look at trainers. 

They don’t make the Nike trainers I have been wearing any more, which is disappointing because they have lasted really well and are so light and comfortable. I tried on a few pairs and settled with some Asics (I’ve read quite a few posts about trainers on WLR lately and they have been mentioned a few times). They have gel in them apparently to make them more comfortable. The main reason I picked them was they were really light, although not as light as my old Nikes though. I wore them up the Big Hill to go shopping this afternoon and they felt OK, if not quite as much like walking on air as my old ones. I’ve also got a new stock of blister plasters. 

I’m going to try them out tomorrow on a longer walk. I may pack the Nikes in my backpack though, just in case.

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