29 November 2010 – disappointments


It was so cold here on the south coast I was very grateful for my trusty hot water bottle last night. If only I could take it to work with me. When I woke up I was quite excited because, with the bitter cold, i thought it might have snowed. It hadn’t.

The weigh in was as disappointing as the weather another week with no loss. No gain though so I guess I can’t grumble. Ok, I can grumble, I have been good all week and had plenty of exercise, I’m cross with my body for not playing ball and letting me lose that last little bit to get me into the nines. Maybe my traitorous body just wants to stay at ten stone for a while. Boo!

 This is normally the time of year when the weight goes on so maintenance is probably a plus. Even so I think I may have to shake things up a little this week and see if I can get things moving. 

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