30 November 2010 – Snow!


Snow update! It is actually snowing in Southampton! Only just mind you but the is definitley some very fine powdery stuff falling out of the sky and beginning to lay on the decking. Wonder if it will continue? If it does I’m going to make Rae stay at my house this time but I’ll fight her for the hot water bottle!

Annoyingly the snow had melted by the time I went to work. We hardly ever have any here, or at least any that lays. In February we did have a week of it though and everything ground to a halt. Back then y walk to work took me an hour to get there rather than the normal thirty minutes and I got sent home again after an hour because the buses stopped running. The next day it snowed again while we were at work and it took me two hours to get home in a car. Rae, who’s car I was in took nine hours to get about twenty miles home. Much as I’d like a little of the white stuff I’m hoping we don’t get anything like that again!

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