31 December 2010 – reflecting on New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve always feels like a time to reflect. This time last year I was a few stone heavier. I’d had a Christmas of eating far too much and all my clothes were tight and uncomfortable. I felt horrible and NYD was the day I decided to get back on track and do something about it once and for all. Continue reading

29 December 2010 – Struggling to stay on the wagon


It’s tough getting back on the wagon after a few days of not logging and eating lots of things you wouldn’t normally have. It feels like your body adjusts to the extra food so easily and wants it to continue. Or perhaps that’s just me! This is the 

third day back to counting and cutting back for me and yesterday was hard but I made it. Hopefully today will be a bit easier. Continue reading

26 December 2010 – a different kind of Christmas


Christmas Day was lovely, if a little different to normal. For a start there was no breakfast because time ran away with us but we had a lunch of pork with marmalade glaze, roast potato and sweet potato and tons of veg with gravy. It wasn’t a huge dinner but all very nice and followed by Christmas pudding and low fat squirty cream. Ok, I did eat a couple of florantines and had toast, a bag of sunbites and a handful of pringles later but not a lot else. Although I didn’t log anything I am guessing I didn’t go too much over maintenance calories but I felt stuffed in the evening. 

It feel really odd not logging stuff. Continue reading

24 December 2010 – A Christmas wish


The plan to have just a meal and then home at the end of my last shift before Christmas turned into a very late one this morning (2am to be exact). The meal was rubbish again. I’m not sure how we manage to always find such awful restaurants. Cold starters, rubbish main and a decent pudding so not much damage calorie wise. I did have three rum and diet cokes but lots of dancing burned those off. Even so I’m very tired today. 

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21 December 2010 – getting back to normal


Disappointingly, I couldn’t see the lunar eclipse from my house but as I live with hills in all directions and it is low on the horizon I thought as much. It was very icy outside this morning again but there has been no more snow so far. 

Just three more work days for me and the Christmas meal on Thursday night to kick off the holiday. Continue reading

19 December 2010 – poorly sick


There was about an inch of snow yesterday meaning the long walked turned into a short one followed by lots of cooking for Christmas. Unfortunately I spent quite a bit of the night being violently sick and at one point actually passed out when on the way back from the bathroom. I think I have the sick bug that has been doing the rounds at work and feel awful, although thankfully haven’t been sick for a few hours. Continue reading

17 December 2010 – Christmas Shopping


Last night with the girls was messy. Some pretty bad food choices were made yesterday with a buffet at work and then nibbles in the evening. Seriously I don’t think I ate anything worthwhile at all after my breakfast muesli. Goodness knows how many calories I ate, probably not as many as I think but I do know I felt rubbish today and it wasn’t all alcohol induced. This is a very good reminder of why I should not eat rubbish. Hopefully I won’t pay for it on the scales.

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14 December 2010 – Feeling down


Dec 14, 2010 at 07:13

When I weighed in yesterday I’d lost 0.8 lb even though I’ve upped my calories to one notch below maintenance. Funny how I worked so hard and stuck and now I’m not trying hard it’s coming off! Still every extra pound is a buffer zone against going over target. 

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