2 December 2010 – Walking on snow


There were six inches of snow over night in Southampton! Looking out of the window I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it to work and if I did would I be able to get home again? Another eight inches are forecast. Yikes. 

There was no grit on our roads either. Yesterday we were the only Mad House call centre open in the country so it was manic with so many calls coming through.

After calls from various members of my team who said they were not going in I decided it wasn’t worth getting there to get sent home like I did last time so I took a snow day. Eventually I did go out but I had problems just opening the door because of all the snow behind it. The walk up the big hill involved a lot of falling over and I was afraid of the cars coming down the hill sliding all over the place. Some people seem to drive the same as normal despite the snow. Horrifying. 

When I got home I had cold hands and a wet bum. It is still snowing too so if I have to be stuck somewhere I’d rather be stuck at home. At least I have my hot water bottle here. Sadly I think the walk tomorrow is going to be a non starter unless things change over night.

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