3 December 2010 – calories burnt shovelling snow


It was minus 5 Here this morning but looking very pretty outside if trecherous under foot. It is also trying to snow again. 

I had a little lie in necause I knew I wouldn’t be able to do my 13 miles this morning. The plan was to go out and see how it went, if, like yesterday, I spent more time on my bum than my feet I would come home and give up on the idea. 

Wrapped up nice and warm I set out. My road was not too bad because there was lots of soft snow to walk on. On the main road and the road was clear and gritted but the pavements were not. The compacted snow had turned to ice. I walked for a bit but, because it’s hilly here the pavements slope down towards the road. 
I wanted to cross the road and get to a point where I could get back on side streets but as it is a dual carriageway I daren’t attempt standing on the ice in the middle waiting for a gap in the traffic. 

In the end I decided the beast way was to walk right to the bottom of the hill and cross at the pelican crossing.

Every time I slipped I was afraid I was going to slip into the road where the cars were whizzing past. I got as far as the bend before the bus stop. One last slip that nearly saw me in the road and I gave up and came back. 

To burn those calories I cleared the snow from my front path instead. When I’d finished I cleared the decking so we could open the door easily and wouldn’t have to traipse snow into the gym when we come in

It took about an hour to clear the front path so postie doesn’t break his neck if he ever comes back. After that I cleared the decking by the door then used the last of my sand bag sand to spread on the front path to stop it freezing again. As our path is a steep slope it is quite important to try to keep it clear. 

I was amazed to find an entry in the exercise diary for shovelling snow and that I have burnt quite a few calories doing it. Sadly not as many as my walk would have burnt though.

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