8 December 2010 – A scam


Good morning. It’s still very cold here today again and there is still snow in my garden although the roads and pavements are now more or less clear. Finally the freezing fog seems to have cleared too. 

This afternoon I had a call from Commando to tell me he had nearly given his bank account details out to a scammer. We are both pretty worldy wise about these things and not easily conned, but he nearly fell for it.

He had an email from his cousin saying that she had been robbed at gunpoint in Spain and all her cards and documents had been stolen. She was asking if he could pay her hotel bill to get her out of a fix. When he told me on the phone, my first though was I hope he paid and how horrible for her. He then told me that something about the email didn’t seem quite right. There were a few obvious spelling mistakes that he was sure she wouldn’t have made so he decided to check things out before going ahead.

He called another cousin to see if she knew anything.

 His cousin had booked a holiday in Spain but had not yet travelled. The email was a scam. Her email account had been hacked into by someone, probably connected with the holiday booking, and everyone in her address book had been emailed from her account with this same request.

 Had Commando replied and paid for the ‘hotel room’ the hacker would have had his card details. No doubt his account would have been cleared out in minutes. We are not yet sure if any of the other people who got the email have fallen for it. 

Please be warned, this is obviously the latest scam doing the rounds. It is very believeable. If you get something similar do not make any payment or reply to the email. What is the world coming to?

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