10 December 2010 – A happy funeral


This morning I got up late. Although I set the alarm for seven o’clock I forgot to turn it on. Doh. Commando had his work Christmas breakfast this morning so only got in at 7.45 so right away I was running. The long walk I planned was out of the question because I had a funeral to go to later in the day. 

Our elderly neighbour Jim passed away last week. He was in his 90’s and was a lovely old boy. He has lived in the crescent for ever. I actually remember him from when I was a child. He was very fit and always busy, usually in his garden. He chatted to everyone and always had a smile and a joke. He also looked after, what he called, ‘the old people’ in the crescent. Most of them were younger than him. He will be sadly missed and it was well worth missing my walk to pay my respects.

The funeral was a surprisingly happy affair. It was lovely to hear all the stories from Jim’s family about his long and, mainly, happy life. His time in Egypt during the war, sorties of him teaching his grandaughter to play the spoons. Speaking French so well on French holidays that another tourist asked him if he spoke any English, to which he shrugged and said ‘a leetle’. Teaching various people to drive with patience and humour. His antics painting upstairs windows just a few months ago at his daughters house (when asked why her husband had allowed him to get up the ladder at his age, she’d been told, ‘how am I supposed to stop him?’). He was a truly wonderful old man and I only hope I am as fit and full of fun when I’m in my 90’s. His coffin dissappered to the tune of Happy Feet, which just about summed him up. I really will miss chatting to him when he’s out doing his garden.

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