14 December 2010 – Feeling down


Dec 14, 2010 at 07:13

When I weighed in yesterday I’d lost 0.8 lb even though I’ve upped my calories to one notch below maintenance. Funny how I worked so hard and stuck and now I’m not trying hard it’s coming off! Still every extra pound is a buffer zone against going over target. 

It was a mad night last night and a mad morning this morning. Commando, Commando Junior and Bard were off to Amsterdam this morning for Commando Junior’s 21st birthday treat. He didn’t want a party just to go to Amsterdam with his dad and older brother. 

Last night Bard stayed at our house so this morning I had a house full. It was nice to have Bard at home as he is the peacemaker in the family whereas Commando and Commando Junior are both quite hot headed and often sparks fly. Bard is also surprisingly clean an tidy now that he has his own place.


I came down this morning the gym was neat and tidy with all the cups taken out and everything put away. What a lovely change to the carnage Commando Junior leaves. Wonder if I could keep Bard at home and send Commando Junior to live in his flat for a while? 

My routine is all messed up this morning so there was no exercise.

After two horrible days at work I was feeling quite down today. Yesterday one completely stark staring mad customer shouted because the welcome message on our phone system was too cheerful, demanded to complain to my manger then laughed like a lunatic when I apologised because the manager was in a meeting – scary. I felt quite traumatised.

 My boys are all having fun in Amsterdam. The house is too quiet. Never thought I’d say that. I have done hardly any Christmas shopping yet and time is running out. I’m missing the long walks on Friday at the moment because bad weather and circumstances have stopped me for the last couple of weeks and this Friday I will have to get some Christmas shopping done.

On a positive note, I’ve been ok with food, even though we had our Christmas Dinner at work today. I am at target. I have a couple of days of peace and a girls night to look forward to so I should be counting my blessings. Even so I’m feeling fed up. 

Rant over. I’m sure I’ll feel better in the morning becuase it’s not like me to see the glass as half full.

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