24 December 2010 – A Christmas wish


The plan to have just a meal and then home at the end of my last shift before Christmas turned into a very late one this morning (2am to be exact). The meal was rubbish again. I’m not sure how we manage to always find such awful restaurants. Cold starters, rubbish main and a decent pudding so not much damage calorie wise. I did have three rum and diet cokes but lots of dancing burned those off. Even so I’m very tired today. 

Commando and I spent most of the day delivering parcels and about to have some lunch before tackling the cooking and the bathroom and kitchen clean. 

This is the one time of year you can enjoy a little extra food before starting all over again in the New Year. For me it will be good food, no logging calories and damage limitation by avoiding all the rubbish I normally eat but don’t really want.

Hopefully I and all my WLR friends will manage to get through the next few days without overindulging too much and without getting any nasty surprises on the scales at the next weigh in. 

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