26 December 2010 – a different kind of Christmas


Christmas Day was lovely, if a little different to normal. For a start there was no breakfast because time ran away with us but we had a lunch of pork with marmalade glaze, roast potato and sweet potato and tons of veg with gravy. It wasn’t a huge dinner but all very nice and followed by Christmas pudding and low fat squirty cream. Ok, I did eat a couple of florantines and had toast, a bag of sunbites and a handful of pringles later but not a lot else. Although I didn’t log anything I am guessing I didn’t go too much over maintenance calories but I felt stuffed in the evening. 

It feel really odd not logging stuff.

Commando bought me a Kindle so I don’t have to fill my case with paperbacks next time we go away. I am a great fan of reading so it was a great present. 

We are dropping Commando Junior into town at lunchtime because he has an afternoon shift at the bear factory. We are then off to Debenhams for the sale. I had some vouchers and I have a little work bonus money so I’m going to get some new underwear. About time because every thing is too big right now. Jasper Conran here I come! 

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