28 December 2010 Christmas


This is my last day before going back to work for two full days. I’m not weighing this week because I don’t want to know! I figure I’ll wait until next week when all the water settles down and get a true picture of the damage. Even so, I’m back on the wagon today.

The snow is gone so I finally got to do the Riverside Walk today. Commando was at football so there were no excuses. 

When Commando left for the football I walked down the hill with him then branched off towards the river. Once I’d left him behind I realised I’d also left my iPod behind too which was a bit of a blow because I like some music while I’m walking. I pressed on even though it was raining a little. 

When I got to the river it was quite misty, despite being two in the afternoon. There were a few hardy dog walkers around and a few fishermen lining the river banks. The town swans were out in force and I even saw a black swan. It’s the first time I’ve seen a black swan on the river and I’m not sure where it came from. It was swimming apart from the other swans and looked quite lonely. 

The playing field and the pitch and putt were under a blanket of mist and, as I rounded the bend in the river, there was mist swirling over the water. I was quite glad of the fine rain though because I was walking fast and beginning to get quite hot. 

Once I crossed the road at Woodmill I saw my little swan family, still just the one cygnet though. They were close to the bank and a mother and father with two small boys were feeding them bread. 

Down by the White Swan the little bridge was unfrozen at last but there was still a bit of ice in the marshy area beside the path. I went as far as the pub and turned back because it was beginning to rain harder by then and the mist was closing in. 

The black swan was gone by the time I got back to the town end of the water. Now I’m beginning to wonder if I imagined it. It felt good to be back out walking. Even though I got quite wet in the end as the rain got heavier and heavier I was glad I went. I had a nice cup of cocoa with a nip of rum when I got in and now feel quite virtuous.

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