29 December 2010 – Struggling to stay on the wagon


It’s tough getting back on the wagon after a few days of not logging and eating lots of things you wouldn’t normally have. It feels like your body adjusts to the extra food so easily and wants it to continue. Or perhaps that’s just me! This is the 

third day back to counting and cutting back for me and yesterday was hard but I made it. Hopefully today will be a bit easier.

Yesterday I did my kettlebell routine for the first time in what seems like ages and my tummy and arm muscles are telling me about it today! I think two days in a row might be stretching it a bit for now so I thought I’d break myself back in gently and do something different this morning. My Ministry of Sound DVD came out and I dusted it down to use some different muscles. Wow! I’d forgotten what a workout that DVD is. I haven’t done it for ages. I’m actually surprised I managed to keep up but I did. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the fast workout.


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