31 December 2010 – reflecting on New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve always feels like a time to reflect. This time last year I was a few stone heavier. I’d had a Christmas of eating far too much and all my clothes were tight and uncomfortable. I felt horrible and NYD was the day I decided to get back on track and do something about it once and for all.

What a difference a year makes. My clothes all fit this year an even my smallest skinny jeans are comfortable. I expect I’ve put on the odd pound over Christmas but nothing that won’t soon disappear.

This morning I managed a short Riverside Walk. For some reason I was feeling a little sluggish and couldn’t seem to get my walking speed up to the normal pace, so it took me a little longer than usual.

 There were no black swans today but lots of gulls squabbling on the banks for bread being thrown by a series of small children out for New Years Eve walks with their parents.

In fact the park was very crowded. Joggers, walkers, dog walkers and families, even a couple of cyclists and, my favourite, an elderly couple walking very slowly, hand in hand. I wonder if Commando and I will be like that one day?

Because I left a little later than usual the White Swan was open when I got there. I didn’t stop for a drink but the smell of cooking food was very tempting. It’s the pub where Commando and I first met so it holds a special place in my heart. I’m trying to talk him into coming with me one of these days and perhaps we will stop off for a drink and a bite to eat and chat about old times when the car park was filled with motorcycles and we were young.

After I got home Commando and I walked up the Big Hill to stock up on some bottles of wine and rum for this evening. I feel like I have earned enough exercise calories today to push the boat out a bit. I even did a Wii routine before I went out this morning.

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