1 January 2011- back on the wagon and footie


Well it’s time to get back on the wagon good and proper and put the excesses of Christmas behind me. Maybe 2011 will be the year I banish those extra pounds for ever. Starting today with a walk to the stadium for the New Year’s Day footie!

It was a coldish and damp afternoon on the terraces. Note to self, take hot water bottle next weekend. The match didn’t look promising at first. As Exeter is not too far to come, there were rather a lot of away fans and they were in fine voice. Our Northam end, the loud rowdy end opposite the Chapel where I sit, must have all been out on the booze last night because they were uncharacteristically quiet. 

For a while it looked like our players were all nursing hangovers too. Then the goals started to go in.

The match ended 4-0 to Southampton and left us second in the league. Now if we can just keep it like that until May we will be laughing. Promotion here we come. Still it is Southampton I’m talking about so we can probably manage to stuff it up between now and then but a girl can dream.

Dinner was a lovely warming chilli and baked potato. Nice and healthy until I messed it up by finishing off the last two filo mince pies with whipped cream. Still the four miles of walking to and from the match means I’m still within calories. 

No New Years resoloutions for me, apart from the obvious, but I will be going the extra mile to get fit and ready for the Moonwalk in May. The countdown begins NOW!

 You are probably all sick of reading about my walks by now but, every week I will try to add another mile to my long walks. If things go to plan I should be up to the required 26.2 miles before May, weather and fitness permitting. My best so far is fourteen miles so next Friday I’m going to try for fifteen. 

A little. It of sponsorship mo ey has started to come In too which is good. The money goes to help fight breast cancer which can only be a good thing. I lost my Mum to cancer twenty one years ago this year and she is the main reason I wanted to do this and why I have previously done Race for Life and the recent 10k race. Her cancer did not start out as breast cancer but it ended up that way. Hopefully the fundraising will help make sure other people are luckier than she was. 

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