3 January 2011- chill day and a new bathroom


Tomorrow I am back to work again so today Was a chill day with a little bathroom hunting thrown in. This year we really will get our upstairs bathroom done. 

I cooked loads of meals for the week and to feed the freezer yesterday so, other than a quick kitchen clean, I’m done. We also took the Christmas Decorations down and put them back in the attic and cleaned up (well Commando cleaned up while I cooked). Life is finally looking like it’s back to normal.

There was no weigh in, in part because I 
got up late and partly because I’m a little nervous about what the scales will tell me. Next week I will do it I promise. I’m not too worried though as all my clothes still fit fine so I think any gain will have been a little one. 

Fingers crossed on that.

We trailed round all the big stores looking at bathrooms and finally managed to pick out the bath, loo and sink we are having plus the vanity unit and medicine cabinet. We’ve decided on flooring, paint, taps and tiles. We have even worked out how to box in the boiler so that it looks like part of the wall but is still accessible. 

Now all we have to do is order everything and get the fitters booked. Very exciting as we have been waiting for years to get this done. Everything comes within budget with a little left over for extras like new towels and things. YAY for us! 

It feels like we have done a good days work and will end up very soon with a nice bathroom. Finally when I get up in the night for the loo I won’t have to worry about putting my foot down the hole in the floorboards or knocking something over that will roll under the bath where I can’t ever get it back. I bet we find loads of things back there when the old bath comes out.

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