6 January 2011 – yoga and a dinner disaster


Today I started with a quick run and Wii fit routine before my first day back at the office. I’ve added a little bit of yoga over the last month or so too. ypga is most certainly not the easy option, it uses muscles you never knew you had. Years ago I used to do a lot of yoga and, although it’s not hard cardio work, it can make you ache if you do it properly and really helps posture. This can only be a good thing when I’m sitting on my bum all day in the office.

When I got him I was really looking forward to my dinner. Tonight was supposed to be a really nice chilli beef strip stir fry with noodles. I gave Commando the instructions to put the stir fry in the wok and heat, then chuck the noodles in and heat again. The noodles were pre cooked in packets one portion to one person with instructions and portion sizes written on the packet. 

U fortunately, when I got in there was no dinner waiting for me.

Commando called me just after I got in to tell me there wasn’t enough for three portions so he and Commando Junior had it themselves leaving nothing for me. The reason for this, he had only put in two packets of noodles, even thoeugh there were four in the cupboard. He then told me how nice it was and asked me why I sounded a bit miserable, had I had a bad day? Grrrrr.

I am making a mental note to never give him anything more complicated than open oven/microwave door and heat in future! MEN!!!!!!! I ended up defrosting some left over chilli from earlier in the week. Very nice but just not the same.

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