8 January 2011 – an FA Cup victory


my weigh in day of reckoning is getting closer. The moment of truth after Christmas. There are just two days to claw things back so I’m being really strict with myself and hoping it pays off. There has been no let up in the rain. This didn’t endear me to the thought of walking to football, especially not to going over the bridge with half a gale blowing. 

Thankfully, by the time we had to leave for the stadium the rain had stopped but it was still very cold. Remembering how cold I was last week, I wrapped up well, in fact so well I could barely bend my arms to clap. 

We were playing Blackpool, a Premiership club and, as we are two divisions below them we were the underdogs. We certainly didn’t look it though, we dominated the match and it ended 2 – 0 to us. We are now through to the next round of the FA cup. 

I bumped into two old colleagues from Dream Factory outside before the match which was great. We had a good catch up. I also bumped into one of my Mad House team inside. It must have been my day for meeting people. 

The walk there and back earned me enough calories for a lovely curry with a samosa and a small naan bread too. Great afternoon all round.

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