11 January 2011 – you can lead a horse to water


More rain again today and the forecast is for the same all week. At this rate my little house is going to float away. Luckily there was a window of slightly lighter rain for my walk to work as I didn’t have any money for bus fare. This left me slightly damp around the edges but not completely dripping when I reached the office.

We have a team talk once a week on Tuesday afternoon for an hour. Usually it’s some kind of training or something about a new product but sometimes it’s something a bit different.

 Today for our team talk we had a health kit from Boots, who are working with Mad House to help the staff stay fit, or get fit. We had to be weighted, have our height measured and our BMI calculated, our waist and hip measurements taken and our blood pressure. We then had to fill in a questionnaire with other health questions and got a result and tips at the end of it.

My first reaction was the normal fear and embarasment and not wanting to do it. Then I suddenly realised I didn’t need to feel like that because I wasn’t overweight any more. For the first time in my life in a situation like that I wasn’t worried or ashamed.

 In fact I volunteered to be the first weighed, while others in my team cowered at the back and asked for their results to be kept secret. Turns out I got the highest score in the whiole team (high means good) even though I’m the oldest. This is a first for me and it was a really great feeling.

 Can’t stop smiling.

I still think it was a horrible thing for them to make us do, especially right after Christmas, and I felt bad for the members of my team who were obviously feeling the way I would usually feel. My friend Rae was still talking about it tonight on the way home and still feeling upset and ashamed. It’s hard to know what to say to her because I do know how she feels but whatever I say just draws attention to the fact that I have done it and she hasn’t. She tries hard to lose weight but she keeps using silly quick fix diets and then puts the weight back on plus more. 

I have tried to help, I even got her to join the BL site for a while but she didn’t stick at it. I wish with all my heart that I could help becvause she is such a lovely person, so kind and thoughtful. The thing is you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

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