18 January 2011 – decorating blues


So far the rain seems to have stopped here. It was teeming down last night though so I will probably need my waders for the walk to work. I was running late this morning because I couldn’t find the scales for my weigh in. We are redecorating the downstairs bathroom and stupidly I’ve packed them in with all the other stuff I also can’t find. The other stuff includes my hair conditioner and wax so I had to go to work with wilder hair than normal. I give up!

It turned out the scales were under the dismantled cupboard and there was no way of getting them out so the weigh in will have to wait until the painting is done. I can’t wait until the bathroom is finished and I get my gym back and can weigh myself. I can only get at the exercise bike at the moment and it’s not my favorite thing. I suppose it’s better than nothing though. 

My legs are aching after a short session on the bike so it must have done some good.

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