28 January 2011 – walking away the grumps


I was a bit headachy this morning after a rubbishy week at work. Yesterday was pants and I had my worst ever customer who actually ended the call by repeatedly telling me to F*** off after telling me he wanted to talk to a man. Not a good way to avoid paying your bill but some people seem to think it will work. As I don’t have a radiator in the bathroom at the moment it’s been very chilly showering all week too which hasn’t improved my mood. Well, technically I do have a radiator, the new one is leaning up against the wall but isn’t connected yet.

Anyway, I decided to go for a walk in the hope that the fresh air would help my grumpy mood and warm me up a bit. It was certainly pretty fresh! 

Despite the cold the sun was shining as I walked along the river. The black swan that I thought I might have imagined was back and this time he was in amongst all the other swans. He seemed a bit smaller but I suppose that could be an optical illusion because he is darker.

As I approached Woodmill I spotted a group of lads playing five aside football on the pitch there. They looked like they were having fun. There were also a few runners and dog walkers about but no fishermen today. Probably too cold for them. Across the road my swan parents seemed to be playing a game of intimidate the ducks. They had their wings all puffed up and were paddling furiously at the little groups of ducks at the water’s edge. The poor ducks didn’t know what to do. They would all flap off to another bit of water only to have the swans dashing at them again with their wings raised and looking like those swan pedalo things you get on boating lakes. The swans seems to be enjoying the sport though.

The cygnet was further up the river diving down and searching for fish or worms or whatever it is that swans eat. There is only the one left now. I don’t know where the other four disappeared to. Perhaps they have moved further up the river past the White Swan pub. I imagine there would be a fair bit of bread thrown into the water for them up there, especially in the warmer weather when everyone sits out at the tables beside the water with their food and drink. Maybe this last cygnet is a bit like Commando Junior, reluctant to fly the nest.

When I got to the bridge I still felt a bit rough so decided I would just go up and down the river today rather than attempt anything too far from home. I walked right back to Bitterne Triangle, where the black swan had detached from the group and was swimming alone again, then turned round and walk all the way back to the White Swan. 

I came back home a different way, across the other side of the park and then up through Townhill Park and up the hill toward the village. All in all only 8 miles but I think I do feel a little better for it.

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