29 January 2011 – football and curry


The day began watching Soccer AM because Southampton legend Francis Benali was on it. I’ve met him a few times and he is a lovely man. When Commando Junior was small we saw him in Sainsburys. Commando Junior ran up to him and said ‘You’re Francis Benali’, Franny asked him who he was (I was cringing with embarrassment at the time) and he said ‘Im Commando Junior.’ Franny shook his little hand and said ‘Pleased to meet you.’

After it finished there was a short walk to go food shopping and a day of cooking and housework. Once I finished that I sat down for a coffee but I was feeling so cold I decided to dig out my Pump it Up DVD and spent 45 minutes jumping around like a complete mad thing in the gym trying to keep up. I used to do them all the time but it’s been a while since I did the tough one right through. Last time I was at least a couple of stone heavier. 

I was surprised to find it came back to me quite quickly and, despite having less Weight to shift around, it was still very tough. The best thing was seeing myself in the gym mirror wall and realising how much smaller I was than when I last did it. My thighs didn’t wobble when I was doing the pelvic rocking like they used to and they actually looked quite good. 

Think I should do that more often.

This evening we settled in to watch the football. We couldn’t get tickets because they sold out so we will snuggled in front of the TV watching Southampton v Man U. It was a cup match and I doubted we will win but you never know with these things. We had a curry box for afterwards, all calorie counted so I will stay on target. 

At half time and we were one nil up!!!!! The jumping up and down must be good exercise too. Ok, so 

I knew they would probably put a few past us in the second half but at least we weren’t letting them have it all their own way. I know I’m odd loving the beautiful game but it certainly gets the old heart going! As expected, we didn’t win but we gave them a run for their money. We weren’t at all down hearted because we played like a Premiership team and made them work for the next round.

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