28 February 2011 – Setting goals and final targets


On WLR today the talk was all about setting goals which made me think about my own goals and where I should be heading. It is a tough one. At the start the goal I set was based on what the Wii fit told me, 9 St 3 lb. Right now I’m 9 St 10 and I’ve decided to maintain for a while, possibly for good because I am now size 10/12 and am pretty happy with how I look. I think 9 3 is probably too low as I don’t want to be size 8, especially at 50, I think I would look scrawny and old. What I’d really like is to be 9 7 though. I don’t know why, I just think it sounds better than 9 10. 

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26 February 2011 – Summer clothes surprises


This morning we had a meeting at the bank about changing our mortgage. The morning has been a bit of a rush but it looks like we could save some money and cut down the years too so that is good. We also took some left over walnut laminate flooring back to homebase and got a refund on that and bought some more marble tiles because we are going to have a row of half tiles instead of skirting boards now. The bathroom men came up with the idea and we thought it sounded good. 

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25 February 2011 – bathroom disaster


The Friday walk was off for the second week in a row because I had to wait in for the bathroom men. They managed to drop one of the marble tiles into the new bath yesterday and damaged it so they had to order a new bath. Once they’d arrived we had to get to Homebase quick smart to pick up paint and other odds and ends. Commando took a half night last night so we could get out early leaving the bathroom men to it. 

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23 February 2011 – bathroom upheaval


On Sunday we got the final piece of the new bathroom jigsaw puzzle in Homebase. After that it was a chilled day to end a chilled week. of course this left me not looking forward to the Monday morning weigh in after a week with next to no exercise and not logging my food properly. When I did weigh in you could have knocked me down with a feather, I couldn’t believe I’d lost 0.2 lb. How does that work? All the weeks of being good and staying the same then I have a week of not logging or exercising and I lose weight. Perhaps I should have a week off more often. Continue reading

19 February 2011 – Healthy home cooking


It was a wet and cold Saturday today. Our new bath arrived yesterday so the gym is not really useable at the moment. Having said that exercise still brings on a massive coughing fit at the moment anyway so that is probably not a bad thing. There was some exercise in the form of going up the big hill for food shopping then some washing and housework. Next week is going to be mad with the bathroom fitters in all week but I can’t wait until it’s finished. 

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18 February 2011 – TGI Fridays and Comic Relief


On Thursday night my team were going to TGI Fridays for a team meal. After a week with no real exercise I didn’t think I needed the extra calories and I was feeling quite worn out. In the end though I bowed to peer pressure and did end up going. The team insisted it wouldn’t be the same without me. How sweet. Still, I didn’t do too badly on the food because I had steak and only one rum and diet coke. Continue reading

15 February 2011 – back in the land of the living


There was a post on WLR this morning when I finally got round to logging on that actually made me cry. I’ve been AWOL for four days because I’ve been ill and obvioulsy I’d been missed. The post was from Mr Bumble and it went like this…
I’m just whooshing through on here tonight, but I haven’t seen a Good Morning post by Marie for a few days. Is it just me not being attentive, or are we missing her? I know she was feeling poorly the last time she posted. Anyone know how she is?

 Get Well soon Marie, we miss you. Continue reading

11 February 2011 – walking in the rain and a bad head


When I set off this morning it was a bit drizzly but I wrapped up well and decided to do laps of the river again so I wouldn’t be too far from home if it got worse. 

The first lap was fine, I saw the black swan again and he seemed to be quite friendly with one of the White swans. Now that could make for some interesting cygnets in the spring! Continue reading

10 february 2011 – all change again

Brewed in Percolator

Thursday has come round very quickly this week. Thank goodness for that. I can’t wait until 8pm when I will be walking up the road on my way to the weekend. My team were getting ready to move to a new floor today. We were going up in the world onto floor 8. That’s two more floors of stairs to struggle with. I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad one. At least we got some time off the phones for it. 

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8 February 2011 – water as a weight loss tool


After some exercise on the Wii and a quick shower it was off to work with hopes of a better work day than yesterday. For some reason everyone was very grumpy and in a rush then. I don’t understand why people phone to get a problem sorted and then say hurry up I haven’t got time for this. Why phone if you haven’t got time for the person helping you to do their job? Very frustrating as you know there is so much more you could do to sort out their problems. Rant over. 

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