1 february 2011 – free fruit and measurements


No exercise for me this morning because Commando Junior was up and in the way. He was going over to Bard’s flat early because the fridge freezer is being delivered today and he’d promised to help him move it. 

To make up for lack of exercise I walked to work.

When I got to the office I raided the free fruit in the canteen while there was still something nice left. They keep having pears lately and they are all hard and horrible but if you get in early enough there are still apples and bananas left. I shouldn’t complain about the fruit really because they do give it to us free and as much as we like. They want to keep us healthy so we don’t take time off I guess. We have new hot water things and kitchens on each floor too now so we can make our own hot drinks during the day and they’ve just put in showers on the top floor for all those who cycle in and want to shower before work. It may be a rotten job but there are some perks.

Lynny on WLR posted about taking her measurements and what a surprise she’d got. Obviously this made me check on mine so I measured and compared to when I joined WLR in July last year. The difference was amazing!

Each thigh was 23.5 inches and is now 21.5
 My hips were 42.5 inches now they’re 38.5. My waist was 35.5 inches now it’s 29! My bust was 38.5 inches now it’s 35.5 (don’t tell Commando)
tops of my arms were 11.5 inches now they’re 10. What a difference 7 months make!

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