8 February 2011 – water as a weight loss tool


After some exercise on the Wii and a quick shower it was off to work with hopes of a better work day than yesterday. For some reason everyone was very grumpy and in a rush then. I don’t understand why people phone to get a problem sorted and then say hurry up I haven’t got time for this. Why phone if you haven’t got time for the person helping you to do their job? Very frustrating as you know there is so much more you could do to sort out their problems. Rant over. 

WLR is having a water challenge where we all have to log how much we drink and make sure we are getting enough water. Yesterday I did ok and it was interesting to log it and see how much I normally drink. The bottle of water on my desk got regularly refilled and I sipped between calls. At the weekend it might not be quite so easy, I know I don’t drink as much then. Water is a great weight loss tool though so I really should try harder.

It’s nice that the mornings are getting lighter now. I noticed a few daffodils beginning to poke their little heads up in my garden as I was leaving yesterday and there were some this morning in my tubs. Perhaps spring is really on the way.


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