11 February 2011 – walking in the rain and a bad head


When I set off this morning it was a bit drizzly but I wrapped up well and decided to do laps of the river again so I wouldn’t be too far from home if it got worse. 

The first lap was fine, I saw the black swan again and he seemed to be quite friendly with one of the White swans. Now that could make for some interesting cygnets in the spring!

There were a few runners and dog walkers about but no fishermen until I got right down to the White Swan pub under the bridge. The trees along the water looked quite sad with the rain dripping off their bare branches into the water and the swans and ducks didn’t look all that impressed either. 

My family of swans were up in their usual place just past Woodmill and they were right on the water’s edge looking interested in the men emptying the bins all along the path.

The seagulls I saw last week were all sitting huddled on the pitch and putt green looking very fed up. Further up the river, by the Mansbridge, there were lots of ducks who seemed happy enough. There were a lot of mating displays going on so I guess there will be plenty of ducklings later. 

Coming back towards the Triangle on my first lap the rain started to get harder and I was walking into it which was pretty unpleasant but I decided to keep going and try another lap, reasoning that I would have the rain on my back going the other way so it wouldn’t be so bad.


I made it back up to the Swan and thought the rain was easing off until I turned round to come back. It wasn’t. Still, I thought I would try another lap and see how it went (I really wanted to do five to get to seventeen miles) but by the time I got to the Triangle it was getting quite bad. 

There was some talking to myself about turning round and going back but in the end home won so I headed back. Instead of going straight back though I walked roud the block up to the Village, picked up a daily paper and some headache tablets (the rain in my face was quite cold and I had a headache by now) then walked down the Big Hill home. 

It was only nine miles instead of seventeen and I’m really annoyed with myself because the rain looks like it’s slowing down now.

After my walk I felt more tired than expected and, after lunch, my throat began to feel sore. Shortly after than my nose began to run. Now I feel horrible and my head hurts. Off to bed for me then.

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