15 February 2011 – back in the land of the living


There was a post on WLR this morning when I finally got round to logging on that actually made me cry. I’ve been AWOL for four days because I’ve been ill and obvioulsy I’d been missed. The post was from Mr Bumble and it went like this…
I’m just whooshing through on here tonight, but I haven’t seen a Good Morning post by Marie for a few days. Is it just me not being attentive, or are we missing her? I know she was feeling poorly the last time she posted. Anyone know how she is?

 Get Well soon Marie, we miss you.

After Mr Bumble’s post there were a string of other people wishing me well, lots of them. It was so heart warming to know so many people had been worried and missing me.

I’ve actually been feeling really poorly and have spent most of my time in bed sipping lemsip and feeling sorry for myself. Now I fell like I have missed loads but there was no time to do much catching up as I was off to work to face the music for being off sick. They frown on illness at Mad House. I am not back to normal yet and I’m planning to have a relaxed week and weekend to try to get fully fit. 

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