18 February 2011 – TGI Fridays and Comic Relief


On Thursday night my team were going to TGI Fridays for a team meal. After a week with no real exercise I didn’t think I needed the extra calories and I was feeling quite worn out. In the end though I bowed to peer pressure and did end up going. The team insisted it wouldn’t be the same without me. How sweet. Still, I didn’t do too badly on the food because I had steak and only one rum and diet coke.

Our office is open on Comic Relief night to take telephone donations and I’ve signed up. It’s all voluntary but Panda says it’s a really great night as well as very worth while even though it means going to work on my day off. While I was at it I signed Commando Junior up to do it too. It will be good experience for him. Now Bard says he wants to do it too so I will sign him up as well on Monday. It should be a good family affair. If you phone to donate on the night it could be one of us you speak to.

There was no walking today and I’m going to have a realxed weekend so hopefully I will be back to something like full fitness by Monday. 

Our new bathroom is being delivered later. Very exciting as work starts on Momday! I may have to have a bathroom opening party

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