19 February 2011 – Healthy home cooking


It was a wet and cold Saturday today. Our new bath arrived yesterday so the gym is not really useable at the moment. Having said that exercise still brings on a massive coughing fit at the moment anyway so that is probably not a bad thing. There was some exercise in the form of going up the big hill for food shopping then some washing and housework. Next week is going to be mad with the bathroom fitters in all week but I can’t wait until it’s finished. 

This afternoon I had a cooking fest for next week’s meals and decided to make something nice for our dinner tonight too. 

I stuffed some chicken breasts with loads of parsley and garlic chopped up in my magic chopping thing and added a little lurpack light and some ground black pepper to hold it all together. I wrapped the chicken in a rasher of lean back bacon and baked it with some cubed potato tossed in a little olive oil, some chilli salt and pepper. We had a great big salad with it. For desert we had melon and strawberries with some fat free fromage frais and I made a hot coulis with frozen raspberries orange juice and a dash of rum. Lovely, low calorie and lots of f&v for my five a day. I wish I had time to cook like that every day.

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