23 February 2011 – bathroom upheaval


On Sunday we got the final piece of the new bathroom jigsaw puzzle in Homebase. After that it was a chilled day to end a chilled week. of course this left me not looking forward to the Monday morning weigh in after a week with next to no exercise and not logging my food properly. When I did weigh in you could have knocked me down with a feather, I couldn’t believe I’d lost 0.2 lb. How does that work? All the weeks of being good and staying the same then I have a week of not logging or exercising and I lose weight. Perhaps I should have a week off more often.

Work on the bathroom began this week so I have to rush through my 

exercise, shower and breakfast a before the bathroom men arrive each morning. I will be glad when this is all done and my gym is a bit more useable I have to move tools and stuff before my morning work out at the moment. Today I did a Pump it Up DVD as a bit of a change from the morning Wii, trying to mix it up a bit more in an effort to get rid of the last few pounds so I can relax into maintaining a bit more. I love those DVDs they really work up a sweat. Even though I’m much fitter and slimmer now than when I used to do them every morning I’m still begging for them to end. Such fun though.

Curiosity about the progress on the bathroom is nearly killing me. I haven’t been allowed in there to have a look because of the dust. Commando has put the big unit in front of the door so I don’t peek and a speck of dust escapes. He’s really manic right now about spreading the mess and all doors must be shut at all times. Apparently we have to spring clean the whole house when it’s finished! Obsessive isn’t the word.


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