26 February 2011 – Summer clothes surprises


This morning we had a meeting at the bank about changing our mortgage. The morning has been a bit of a rush but it looks like we could save some money and cut down the years too so that is good. We also took some left over walnut laminate flooring back to homebase and got a refund on that and bought some more marble tiles because we are going to have a row of half tiles instead of skirting boards now. The bathroom men came up with the idea and we thought it sounded good. 

When we got back the sun was shining but there was a huge black cloud coming our way so I had a day of cleaning and cooking for next week. Once I’d done that I looked outside and there was a little sun between the rain and hailstones so I decided to to sort through my summer clothes. Maybe it was a bit on the optimist side but it did need doing and I spent a productive afternoon sorting and trying on.

All my summer clothes last year were size 14 or 16. Now I officially have next to nothing to wear if it does ever get warmer. It was quite funny when some of the trousers I wore last summer actually fell down. Nearly all my t-shirts are hanging off me too. It was sad to have to say goodbye to some old favourites and some things I got at the end of the summer that I didn’t even get to wear. I have been ruthless though and now have two big under bed storage boxes filled with things to sell on eBay. I think I will start on that next weekend. 

At least I have an excuse for a spending fest on new eBay things for this summer in size 10/12.


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