10 March 2011 – am I getting fitter?

wet and miserable on the bridge this morning

wet and miserable on the bridge this morning

The morning started with Pump it Up, the tougher work out today. It didn’t seem quite so hard as last time so I must be getting used to it agin.Either that or I’m actually getting fitter. I do love a good dance based workout and it’s nice that these days I look a lot more like the skinny girls on the screen than I used to. There’s definitley not so much wobbling flab! After that it was off for a shower and then work.

The weather looked like rain so I hoped I would get to work before it poured down. Of course, I didn’t, so I began the day sitting at my desk feeling all damp and miserable. Tomorrow it will probably be sunny because, yet again, I don’t have time for my Moonwalk training walk. My dentist called yesterday and moved my appointment to an earlier time for tomorrow so I will struggle to fit a long walk in before I set off for the march to the dentist. Why is everything conspiring against my Moonwalk training at the moment? Still, I may try to get up extra early and see how many miles I can fit in.

Lucky old Mr Bumble is off on her way to Barcelona. Wish I was going too!

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