12 March 2011 – clearing up the garden and football

Tidying up the front garden

Tidying up the front garden

It was sunny and bright here today so I decided to get out in the garden for a while and have a little tidy up. The teenagers from next door were fighting in the road in the early hours so I was feeling a little tired. They are not the best of neighbours, the parents always used to have all their rows in the garden or in the street, it seems the kids are following in their footsteps. About a year ago the parents split up and the teens have been living alone in the house since the mother remarried and moved out (great parenting there obviously). Their ages range from around 21 down to about 16 and they are more or less out of control.

Last night I actually got up, got dressed and went out to tell them to go away or go inside. By the time I got outside though the lad from a few doors up had got there first and they’d beaten a retreat. At least it saved me a job. Bless him. Hopefully there won’t be a repeat tonight. The garden clear up included picking up a great many cans and fast food wrappers from my front garden thanks to them. Rubbish bins are not something they’re familiar with.

We didn’t go to the football today because it was an away match and tickets were very hard to come by but, when the match started, we sat glued to the results service biting our nails. The fixture against Bournemouth was one of the most important of the season for us as they were second, in the automatic promotion places, and we were fifth in the play off places. Obviously we want to be in the automatic promotion places and not have to take part in the lottery that is the play offs.

Bournemouth scored first and we thought it was going to be one of those days. Our hopes of promotion looked set to fly out of the window, especially as the other teams involved were also winning. Six minutes later Lee Barnard came back with a goal to even things up, accompanied by loud whooping from us. Half time coffees and toilet break followed.

With just 20 minutes to go Dean Hammond found the corner of the net and our little crowd went wild, with much dancing around the room and hugging. Now it was nail biting time with fingers and toes crossed that we didn’t do our normal trick of throwing it all away in the final minutes. Finally, with just three minutes to go, a Ricky Lambert free kick smashed into the back of the net to secure three points. Cue more dancing around and hugging.

We have only gone up to fourth because the other teams also won but we have a game in hand over the two teams directly above us. I know you are all probably quite bored by now but I just had to post. Football is a roller coaster ride for sure and I’m sure the rise in heart rate must be burning a few calories. Can’t wait for the highlights on TV later.

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