13 March 2011 – growing my own

Sunshine on the Big Bridge

Sunshine on the Big Bridge

This morning’s walk took me into town to pick up a new toothbrush. My trusty sonicare has given up the ghost and won’t hold a charge so I ordered a new one from Argos and had to go and get it today. It was nice and sunny so it was a pleasant walk.

Inspired by Geoff on WLR who has a wonderful kitchen garden, I have started a little kitchen garden of my own. Little is the operative word because I don’t have much space. The gym we built took up a fair bit of garden and most of the rest is taken up with mature shrubs. We do have a nice little paved area at one end of the decking though where I have some pots and my herb trough so I am going to grow some things in tubs.

I bought a little propagator yesterday and some seeds and have just planted some mixed lettuce that I can grow in pots as cut and come again salad, along with dwarf cherry tomatoes and some garlic chives for the herb trough. I am excitedly waiting for them to germinate.

In my old house I had a huge veg plot and used to grow most of our veg. We also had 4 fruit trees, apple (cooking and eating), peach and cherry plus a big row of raspberry canes. I loved having fresh veg from my own garden but sadly don’t have the space or time these days. Still some fresh salad will be nice and perhaps I could grow some cabbage or something later. I may also get some strawberries and put them in tubs as they usually do well that way.

Thanks for inspiring me Geoff!

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