18 March 2011 – rain stops play


The dull and drizzly weather and a stint on the Comic Relief phones tonight put me off doing a long walk today. As it was my first time volunteering for Comic Relief I didn’t want to wear myself out. Everyone says it will be fun but it will be manic and I’m taking Commando Junior and Bard along to help out. We will all be answering the phones to take donations.

After my shower I popped out for my daily check on the propagator. The lettuce seedlings are about an inch tall now with their seed leaves open but there’s still no sign of any tomatoes or garlic chives yet. I think I’d better get some tubs to put them in soon.

Although I wasn’t planning on doing a long walk I did intend to go up the Big Hill then down to the river and do a lap or so before I came home. Sadly, rain stopped play and I ended up just going up the hill and walking around a bit before coming home. It was grey, raining and cold, not at all like spring. WhenI got home I sat watching the rain dripping off the palm tree in the garden sipping a cup of cocoa and feeling as if it was winter.

I’m going to chill for the rest of the day now but I will be walking over to Mad House later for the Comic Relief phones and then talking Commando Junior into walking home with me afterwards. At least I’ll get a few miles in that way. Apparently it is going to stop raining later so we may even stay dry!

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