19 March 2011 – donations, gardening and walking


Thus morning I was feeling a little tired after the late night working for Comic Relief. Not that I’m complaining because we had a good night. When we arrived we were sent to the canteen for a chilli which the boys appreciated. They also had some cake. Then we went off to man the phones. Obviously, for me this was easier then it was for them but they did very well. The phones were quiet at first but once the sad stores started on TV the calls started coming in. The biggest donation of the evening in our call centre was £1000 and I took it! All in all I took £2106 in donations. I’m not sure what the total for the call centre will be but everyone did a sterling job.

We left just after ten because I didn’t want to walk home later given the area the office is in and the recent stabbing there. I’m so proud of everyone for giving their time and for all of the people who have donated. We got home at about quarter to eleven but were both so hyped up we sat watching Comic Relief on TV util the early hours.

In contrast to yesterday we had a lovely spring day today so I made the most of it and spent a couple of hours this afternoon out in the sun in my garden. I swept the patio, weeded all the tubs, cut the dogwood, kniphofia and the Hebe back and cleared all the weeds and dead leaves from my raised beds. I even trimmed the herbs back to cut out all the frost damaged leaves on the thyme and marjoram. That means there is one little section of garaden that looks neat and tidy.

Even better I’ve burned over 400 calories. I’m going to get the washing in and have a cup of coffee now before I walk down to Woolston to meet Commando who’s spending the afternoon watching football on sky with one of his mates. That and the walk back (probably about 6 miles in all) will give me a nice little treat tonight. I might even have a glass of wine. Happy days

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