22 March 2011 – poor treatment


Yesterday I had a very disturbing day. It began when I got up late because I forgot to turn my alarm on. This meant I had no time for exercise. When I went to the bathroom to weigh in and shower I felt faint so knelt on the floor thinking it would soon pass (I was a terrible fainter when I was a teenager so wasn’t particularly phased by it). It didn’t. It was about half an hour before I could stand up and even then I felt strange. Very shaky and not quite with it. I managed to have a wash and clean my teeth then had some breakfast and a drink.

Commando gave me a lift to work but I still felt very shaky and not quite with it. On the suggestion of my manager I went to the walk in centre across the road from the office. They said my BP and sugar levels were ok and my eyes etc were ok but suggested I rest for the remainder of the day and see my GP as I may need a blood test.

Commando came and picked me up from work and we dropped in at the GP’s on the way to try to get an appointment. Of course there was no way I could get one at my own doctors and I had to make do with a 5pm appointment at the sister surgery three miles away. Quite what the point of a local GP is if you can’t ever get an appointment there is a mystery to me.

Anyhow, Commando took me because I was still feeling very shaky and unwell. We waited for about three quarters of an hour after my appointment time, by which time it was almost time for Commando to go to work. By then every one there had been seen including all the people who came in after me so I went to the desk to say that I would have to go home and to try to get an appointment at my own surgery the next day. The receptionist ignored me for quite a while and I was beginning to feel faint again as I had been standing there for quite a while holding onto the desk. I was speaking to her when I felt really faint and knelt down on the floor again so I wouldn’t pass out. She just totally ignored me. Commando said she just kept typing. When I felt as if I could get up I left and went home without ever seeing a doctor.

When I got home I did call the surgery but they couldn’t make me an appointment for today and said I’d have to call in the morning. So here I am waiting for the surgery to be open so I can phone. It seems as if getting to see my doctor is a bit like getting an audience with the queen. I still feel a little shaky today so I will get an appointment if I can. I will also complain about the other surgery if I have the energy. I think I need to change my doctor.

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