23 March 2011 – feeling very strange


Eventually I managed to get an appointment at the doctor for yesterday afternoon. Afterwards I was none the wiser. He checked my blood pressure again and it is low, but mine usually is on the low side. The he took it again with me standing up and it was so low he couldn’t measure it properly which worried him a little (and me).

His main concern was my heart so I had an ECG. Thankfully that was ok. I now have to get some blood tests done tomorrow for a variety of things. I have been told to rest for the next few days and to eat and drink more (not good for me weight wise with no exercise) and keep my blood sugar up. I’m sure he thinks I’ve been crash dieting or I’m anorexic even though I told him I eat really well.

I still feel very shaky and strange but knowing the worst case scenario is ruled out is a relief. Dehydration was mentioned but I think it’s pretty unlikely due to the amount I drink normally. Although I’m watching what I eat I’m not being very restrictive calorie wise and I am eating a very well balanced diet so I’m not sure how eating more will help but I am trying to eat little and often and keep making good choices.

I’m at home again today but feeling a little less shaky this morning. Hopefully that means I’m on the mend. I have blood tests later and then just relaxing and reading my kindle. I’m missing my walking and morning exercise this morning which probably does mean I’m feeling better. It looks like another nice day outside today. Pity I can be out there getting the benefit.

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