28 March 2011 – zumba on the horizon! Maybe…

Today I went back to work. Although I was image446

feeling more or less normal I decided to take it fairly easy and ease myself back in slowly. Hopefully the whole fainting feeling odd thing was just a blip and that will be an end of it although I do have my blood test results on Friday and a doctors appointment to discuss them.

Taking it easy meant no exercise for me this morning. Even I’f I’d wanted to I wouldn’t have been able because Commando left a load of tools in the gym and I couldn’t get to the Wii. Obviously this was a sign to give it a miss and have a chilled start.

When I got to work I was delighted to learn that Mad House are trying to get a zumba instructor to give classes for us in the Mad House building. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen but my boss put my name down because she knew I would be up for it. How good would that be?

Rae, my friend and lift home will also be doing it and, as it sounds like it will be after work this is good news. There have been two sexual assults in the last week within yards of our offices. On top of the stabbing a few weeks ago it makes walking alone at night there pretty scary.


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